Thursday, 3 July 2014

Review: bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor

bareMinerals Strength (Vibrant Red), you can get this from most decent retailers, but I got mine from here

As someone who has had to suffer through more than her fair share of allergic reactions to makeup (A.K.A. Allergic contact cheilitis), I was pretty happy when I first heard about the bareMinerals brand. In fact, after taking home a tester from London's Clapham store a few years back, I'd say it's the only brand that I am currently happy to spend a decent amount of money on- hey, don't judge me, I work in retail!

The first thing you notice about this striking red is the sheer pigmentation- for what is described as an 'opaque' colour, it certainly gives you a statement look. Because of this, you find you don't need to keep going over your lips until you reach a good, even colour, so a little goes a long way (at least initially) and it doesn't feel too 'sticky'- unless you apply a lot. Which is silly.

On the downside, this stuff gets EVERYWHERE. It's the first time I've ever managed to somehow get lipstick on my teeth (I honestly don't know how), it came off on glasses and, yes, my boyfriend's face (although I actually did get a kick out of kissing him in random spots for a while before he realised). 

But hell, sometimes we can live with these things if it looks good enough for long enough- so I took the liberty of assuming you guys wanted to see how it actually looks. Bear in mind that in this photo, other than the Lipcolor itself, I am only wearing bareMinerals foundation (Fairly Light), Mascara (Curl and Lengthen) and eyeliner (Body Shop's Liquid Eyeliner in black)

Summary: This stuff is amazing if you're planning on looking like a doll all night. For those who plan on being living, human things, I would suggest perhaps some Lipcote or a good deal of blotting to make sure you don't literally paint the town red.