Tuesday, 12 May 2020

5 Websites That Will Let You Connect With Friends, Remotely

If you've found yourself struggling with isolation during lockdown, then connecting online with friends or family can be a real saviour. And while, in a previous life, people may have mocked you for merely suggesting playing a classic game online, post-pandemic folk are more than happy to take you up on your offer. After all, gaming companies have really stepped it up since quarantine began (if only the leaders of the world were just as proactive, eh?), so why not enjoy some safe, quality time with friends and family? Get yourself on Discord, Zoom, Hangouts or Skype and enjoy playing these online games for free, during lockdown - or simply watch a classic film together!

Cards Against Humanity

Introduced back in 2011, Cards Against Humanity quickly made a name for itself by being one of the most audacious and outright rude card games ever created - and we all absolutely loved it. While this particular offering isn't made by the original creators (it describes itself as a clone of the popular card game), this free-to-play option is ideal for playing during lockdown. If you aren't keen on using Xyzzy, then Remote Insensitivity is another great choice that offers a strikingly similar resemblance to the modern classic.

Cards against humanity~pretend you're xyzzy | Cards against ...

Quiz Up!

If you aren't keen on chatting online but want to enjoy some good, old-fashioned pub quizzing, QuizUp should be your go-to. You can match with friends or play with strangers across the globe, and answer questions based on anything from general knowledge to the specifics of, say, Metal Gear Solid 2. You'll get awards based on your answers, streaks and general XP earned through beating others. Best off all, it's completely free to play - just download it to your chosen device.

NBC Greenlights Interactive App-Inspired Trivia Game Show 'QuizUp ...

Netflix Party

Netflix is arguably still the number one streaming service, across the world, even with the introduction of Disney Plus and, for friends in the US, HBO Now. So, being able to sync up your playback times and add in a group chat is a great way to chat with friends and family while you watch. Netflix Party comes as an extension to Google Chrome and allows you to safely and securely watch your favourite shows with loved ones, without resorting to third-party apps.

Here's How To Watch Netflix Movies And Shows With Friends In Your ...

Fight List

Don't want to play nice? Fight List is a surprisingly fun option that requires no talking or setting up Zoom parties to play. Just download from your app store and select a friend to get competitive with. This game provides you with categories, at which point you compete with your "loved" ones to name as many answers as possible within that category. Sounds simple, right? Except we all know how our brains love to go blank, the second an answer is required...

Trick Fight List Guide for Android - APK Download

Playing Cards

Prefer to play classic card games? Then PlayingCards.io should be your first port of call. Simply designed, so that anyone in the family can play along, this is a great choice for tamer games with the older members of the family - or simply those with a more sensitive disposition. Movements are synchronized in real time, and a user-friendly layout helps even the most technophobic friends and family get involved.

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