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Horizon Zero Dawn: 10 Things Most People Miss During The Frozen Wilds

Highly addictive and astoundingly beautiful, Horizon: Zero Dawn was a major hit, when it was released in 2017, winning awards across the board for it’s writing and gameplay alike. So, when the Frozen Wilds came out later that year, players were keen to jump into the world of Aloy and discover new lore and stories to explore. However, such is the depth and breadth of the game that there are still many missed details that are being discovered, even now – years after it’s initial release. Here, we’ll explore some of the most commonly missed details in The Frozen Wilds and feel free to try a few of these out, for yourself!

1.      Frozen Wilds Is Based In Wyoming

Arguably one of the most beautiful settings in our world, it’s no surprise that the team at Guerilla Games have used Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming as the setting for their DLC. With the base game set across Colorado, Utah and Arizona, it makes sense geographically for Aloy to head north into Wyoming. You can even see some of the most notable landmarks in the caldera and even The Devil’s Tower – a name which is alluded to during the gameplay, when you battle a Daemon on the volcano, Thunder’s Drum.
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2.      The Name Hephaestus Fits Well With The Lore

For those who haven’t completed the base game or DLC yet, be aware that this particular entry may give away some of the games major plot points; Hephaestus is one of the major AI systems created to help combat the Faro plague, and was tasked with creating life on Earth after the plague was wiped out. The name, like many others in Horizon, was based off Greek gods and Hephaestus was the god of metalworking, of the same name. Not surprisingly, this works brilliantly with the main story of Frozen Wilds, in that robotic creatures are being created by the AI.

3.      The Colors Of Banuk Clothing Are Inspired By The Geothermic Pools In Yellowstone National Park.

The Banuk outfits are created to withstand the harsh weather of the Northern setting and are made up of furs, as well as parts from the robots to add a good layer of armor. The coloring of the outfits themselves, however, comes from the same palette as the geothermic pools in Yellowstone National Park. Namely, yellows, greens and blues, with reds used for accenting. Again, this is another way to place the setting of the game itself, but also sits in well with the idea that these outfits are based to camouflage the tribespeople.

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4.      The Character CYAN Gives Away Some History

CYAN stands for Caldera of Yellowstone Analytic Network, having been created as part of Project Firebreak, within the game. This top-secret government protection project was designed to help stabilize the environment of the caldera – a fantastic nod to the fact that our own caldera can wipe out half of the planet (or more), should the Yellowstone caldera erupt. In Frozen Wilds, it’s suggested that this threat became imminent and that the entire environmental protection program had to be created, to stabilize this.

5.      You Can Make Snow Angels

On a lighter note, with the additional options now available in photo mode, you can make Aloy create snow angels! Photo mode is a great add-on for those who want to continue playing, long after finishing the quests and, based in a snow-laden land, it certainly makes sense for developers to add this in, for those who like to get a little creative once they’ve finished the game. Simply enable photo mode, check out the different animations to choose from and have fun making snow angels, before sharing your finished product with your friends!

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6.      Aratak Will Join You In The Final Fight

If you finish the Frozen Wilds before you complete the base game, then you’ll be pleased to know that Aratak will head to Meridian to join in the final fight against Hades. Simply begin The Looming Shadow quest and take a good walk around the surrounding areas to find all of your allies joining you for the final battle, and you’ll come across your old friend who is “compelled to come for the once-chieftain” along with Aluki.

7.      Epsilon Cauldron

For the completionist among you, it can be worth noting that the Epsilon Cauldron located in this part of the game can only be entered and completed once, as the entrance is unique in how it seals itself after you’re finished. So, if there’s anything you feel you need to complete within the cauldron itself or if you’ve missed a few machines, it can be worth making sure you’ve collected everything before using your usual override mechanism. Once you’re out, you won’t be able to return and work your way through again.

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8.      Aloy’s Story Can Be Heard After Frontier Justice

 After besting Aratuk as part of the main quest, you can begin work on the side quest called Frontier Justice. Investigating a miscarriage of justice in the tribe, Aloy works her way to the scene of the murder and discovers the actual murderers, eventually being caught investigating and having to kill the three and rescuing the wrongly convicted and exiled Inatut at Cloud-Shear. After this, you can find Inatut in Song’s Edge, retelling the story of Frontier Justice to a group of children.

9.      Your Movements Have An Effect On The World Around You

The attention to detail by the team at Guerilla Games has definitely not gone unnoticed in the past, but with a few additional months to help improve the gameplay and environment, a huge difference can be seen in Frozen Wilds. Not only with the snow give way to reveal the grass beneath, as you move around the world, but you can alter the way chimes sound by running past them or spinning around, and even see your footsteps (as well as watching them slowly refill with snow) as you move.

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10.   Aloy’s Conversations Have Improved

While not entirely dissimilar to our last entry, you can also see major improvements in the interactions that Aloy can have with NPC’s across the DLC. While smaller chats in the base game can often be very similar, in terms of information given and how Aloy responds to these, there is added depth in the Frozen Wilds expansion that shows vast improvement. Not only does Aloy frown or smile, depending on the circumstances, but she walks back and forth, makes hand gestures and generally seems more involved, physically, with the conversations she is having.