Sunday, 28 February 2021

Articles Written This Month - Feb 2021

Howdy folks!

It's that time again, where I quickly brag about the work I've done over the past month. If that's not your kinda thing, please feel free to head over to other areas of the site, such as gaming, thrift or health and wellbeing.  


Everything you need to know about RV'ing with dogs:

Wondering why your dog is having a go at your blankets? Check out this article:

Read about the joy of silent hamster wheels here:

Help your dog avoid GDV and canine bloat, by slowing them down when they eat, with these tricks:

My Pet Needs That

Learn how to tame a parrot, with my article on the do's and don't of gaining your bird's trust:

Michael Shaw Photography

I've been consulting on changing up the website for the lovely Dr. Mike Shaw and his nightscape and astrophotography business. His stuff is amazing - and he helps to teach others how to take incredible pictures, with his regular workshops (currently online, due to Covid). He has been an absolute joy to work with, and is a superb listener and teacher - so go check him out!

Star Gifts UK

I've been working with Kirsty on quite a few of her e-commerce sites for a while now, and she's just opened up a new website, which offers personalised gifts. They're based in the UK and handy for whatever occasion you have coming up!

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