Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Articles Written This Month - March 2021

 Hello folks, this month has been super busy. As well as having all of my assignments due in for my masters, I've been working my behind off on a BRAND NEW WEBSITE. This is a labour of love from myself and I'll be going into a partnership with my good friend Eloise, so any and all content that isn't portfolio related will be headed that way, from this point on. 

The best part about this is that we can have other people guest post and write regularly with us, so it's not just my ramblings that you'll be subject to. Feel free to go check it out, and we'd really appreciate it if you dropped a follow, liked our posts and maybe shared it around your friends? If there's any issues with the site itself, let me know. I designed it myself and I'm not an expert with web dev, so I appreciate any issues being raised so I can see if I'm able to correct them. 

Meanwhile, these are the articles that went live this month:

My Pet Needs That: